What to expect while wearing braces

  • Your teeth and lips may be sore for about 1-2 weeks and that usually disappears after 1 – 2 weeks: however, everyone is different so these times may vary.
  • If you have bite separators placed on your teeth you will only be able to bite on these. Your other teeth won’t touch until completion of treatment.
  • You will get used to eating with the bite separators. For a few days try soft foods, soups and smoothies until you get used to the braces. Cut food into small bit-size amounts
  • Use wax and ibuprofen (or other pain medicines) to help aid with discomfort
  • Wax can be used in any area that is bothering you (wires or braces)

if one of the braces (brackets) come off

We want the braces to stay on your teeth. If one pops off your tooth, it will sometimes come out of your mouth and it will sometimes stay on the wire.

**If the dislodged brace (bracket) isn’t hurting you, just try to hang on to it until you come in for your next adjustment.

You are responsible for keeping the braces on your teeth so be careful what you eat and if you play contact sports make sure you have an adapted sports guard.

Avoid the following foods

Avoid anything harder than a biscuit, including:

  • crusts
  • nuts
  • bagels
  • chicken wings
  • popcorn kernels
  • raw vegetables
  • whole fruits/vegetables like apples, carrots
  • candy & toffees
  • chewing gum

Avoid sugary snacks and fizzy drinks theses can stagnate around the braces and potentially cause tooth decay.

Brush and floss your teeth

  • Brush well and use interdental cleaning aids as advised to avoid gingivitis
  • Keep all plaque off your teeth so that it doesn’t harden up and turn into tartar
  • Teeth move slower when plaque and tartar is in the way.
  • If you are having difficulties with cleaning, we may refer you to our hygiene team


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