What is an Inman Aligner?

An Inman aligner is a removable appliance that is able to produce limited movement of upper or lower front teeth.

It does needs to be worn 18-20 hours a day and can usually produce the desired result of straight teeth in 12-16 weeks.

It is ideal for slightly to moderately crooked or crowded upper or lower teeth, and for cases where previous orthodontics have relapsed.

It will not fix uneven back teeth, and it cannot fix certain problems with front teeth; therefore, it doesn’t replace conventional orthodontics. What it can offer is rapid treatment of a limited range of common cases.

Why is it so effective?

The appliance uses coiled springs made from nickel titanium wire that produce a steady, gentle pressure on the front teeth, which are steadily pushed into a pre-set new alignment.
We are not trying to move teeth a long way so it is perceived as faster.

Will I need Extractions?

No. Space is created by selective removal of the sides of the teeth creating small amounts of space to allow the teeth to align. This is not associated with an increased risk of decay and is generally not noticeable.


Associated treatment

In some cases, getting the teeth straight is more than enough, but the cosmetic effects can be enhanced even more by providing tooth whitening .

Some of the teeth may also have become worn unevenly whilst they were positioned wrongly and this becomes visible once they are straight. These cases will really benefit from rebuilding with the aid of modern white fillings to recreate the right shape, colour and translucency.

In a few cases where the teeth are badly discoloured and/or heavily restored, crowns or veneers may be indicated to achieve the best result. However, in these cases, aligning the teeth first will make treatment far simpler and less destructive to provide.


Aligner  — £1600

Whitening — £200

Tip rebuild — from £80 per tooth: Rebuilding the teeth biting edges to compensate for uneven wear

Fixed wire retainer — £120: Placed on the back of teeth to avoid any drift

What are the Results of Treatment?

There isn’t room in this leaflet to show lots of lovely pictures of completed cases, but there are plenty to look at on:


And we also have a book of results in the waiting room.

Am I too old?

Inman aligners are suitable for ages from 17—60+.


  • Fast-typically 12-16 weeks
  • Removable appliance


  • Cannot fix all problems
  • Some perceive them as bulky and uncomfortable
  • Needs to be worn for 18-20 hours/day
  • If straightening both upper and lower arches is required, the cost approaches that of ‘normal’ orthodontics.
  • Often need to remove small amounts of tooth structure


It is a fact of life that teeth that have been repositioned by orthodontics will tend to move after treatment is finished as this happens to everyone: particularly in adults.

Current thinking is that the teeth need to be retained permanently if the finished appearance is to be maintained.

We will provide an inclusive clear retainer at the end of treatment. It will need to be worn at night for some months, and then regularly tried in to check for and correct any movement thereafter.

It is also possible to place a fixed wire which is bonded to the back of the teeth to ensure the positioning is maintained. This is probably the ideal method for adults.

In addition, we can also take a further 3D scan of the teeth as a record of their position so retainers can be readily remade at any time.


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