Help for Snoring

Snoring is an increasing problem for many adults. It is caused by the throat and airways narrowing while you sleep and the soft palate and uvula vibrating. It can be quiet but can also be very noisy  - disrupting a partners sleep.
It tends to become more common as we age and is made worse by increasing weight, the use of sedatives or alcohol. Smoking can also make it worse. 
If you actually stop breathing and obstruct when snoring this is called apnea and it leads to sleep deprivation and a lot of physical and mental issues.
Apnea is more of a medical issue, and it is recommended that anyone with it has sleep studies done and sees a specialist, but there are few available on the NHS.

An ENT surgeon has written a book suggesting that regular exercises can strengthen the throat and tongue muscles and help diminish or stop snoring. It is available here:

The gold standard for treatment of snoring is continuous positive airways pressure (CPAP) which involves a tight-fitting face mask that pushes air into your airways and so keeps them open. I understand it is noisy and uncomfortable.

I ( Mr Morden) have made a few mandibular advancement devices for snoring - these effectively hold the lower jaw forward, which if you try it with a finger behind your front teeth makes it almost impossible to generate a snoring sound.
The main issues have been that they require a reasonably complete dentition in good condition as the devices need to attach firmly to the teeth and they are inevitably bulky.

Most of theses have been SleepWells from S4S dental whose website covers it all quite well. The device is adjustable so if you get a cold the device can be advanced a bit more, and then backed off in a few days.

More recently digital CAD-CAM technology has entered the fray with a French company ResMed producing the Narval CC  which is 3D printed with a type of nylon. It is also adjustable and is comfortable to wear ( or so I have been told).  It is probably the best on the market at present. ResMed's website is here.


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